Posting of .wotreplays Now Available without knowing any Code!

Yes, it’s true! For the first time the average Joe can post .wotreplays, without learning any code. FIW/FIWJ has recently sought to make this user friendly for the first time. And thanks to our new friends at Tesla Themes, we have pulled it off. Tesla Themes has made uploading and posting .wotreplays as easy as posting a photo, and will be happy to do it again for anyone purchasing and using one of their themes.

Up until now the process to convert videos has been either long or yielded poor results, while posting .wotreplays to a third party database site was too difficult and too much to remember to make it something most of us would repeat too often.

Why do all this when you can have the .wotreplay on your site, much easier to upload and post, and much quicker response time? Personally, I don’t like over-dependency on another site if I don’t have to.

Tesla Themes

You can buy a subscription and go into business with fourteen themes at your disposal, or you can pick one that you like and save some money. Either way Tesla Themes will be glad to help you out.

Post Replays and Watch Those of Your Clan Mates.wotreplays

(Firefox and Google Chrome compatible, not IE, yet!)

We are now able to post .wotreplays directly to our site, and it works – in Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers – MS Internet Explorer should be coming soon. However, the replays must be from the current version of WoT.

This is how you do it First, go to the “Media” tab in the dashboard of the site and upload your replay to the “Media Library”. Once you do this, go to the “Pages” tab and edit the .wotreplays Page. Now hit the “Add Media” button in the upper left above the editor and place your .wotreplay where you want it. Just like a picture!

So, go into your “World Of Tanks/replays” folder and create another folder named “saves”. When you have a battle you want to post, go into “replays” and drag the right file into “saves” before it gets lost in the sea of other replays. And as usual, if you need help with any of this, let me know. Once you do it a couple of times it is easy to remember and very easy to do.

Note; Whenever there is a WoT update, the old replays will no longer work. Therefore all replays will be purged from the page and the Media Library with each new update!












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