Let’s start with some software basics

And what software can be more basic?  We all use a browser almost every time we interact with the internet.  So let’s start there.


There are lots of Browsers out there. Lots and lots of them. Most people use Internet Explorer (IE) because it usually comes loaded on your computer when you get it. Thanks to very heavy advertising by Google, and a strong push to make it very hard to miss, a lot of people use Google Chrome now as well. Most of these folks actually have both Chrome and IE installed at the same time, which is all well and good.

What most people don’t know is that the behind the scenes shenanigans that happen to your PC – Spyware, Malware, Trackers, PopUps, and Redirections – come mostly through the ads on the pages that you visit. If you block the ads, and the scripts which run from them, these malicious little bastards are disarmed. Which is why when you “Join” a site that is advertising funded you must agree – under T&C – to turn ad blockers off when you visit the site.

Here is how a techie would rate the most popular Browsers;

softwareMozilla Firefox = Best! Designed by techies for techies, oh, and everyone else as well. It offers the most customization, and the greatest control over your data, as well as the least access to your PC (ie cookies and trackers etc.). This is not to say that Firefox comes ready to do all this, but if you load the correct add-ons like NoScript, Firefox AdKiller and AdBlocker surfing starts to look and feel like it did in 1998. You can also add things like Dropbox, CryptoCat, Tor Browser, 1-click YouTube Video Downloader, and Private Browsing that will make you feel like Cagney in White Heat; “On top of the world, Ma!”

softwareSafari = Next Best This is Apple’s entry into the Browser race, but the link is for the Windows version.  Although I am going on what others say about this – have not used it – the techies all speak highly of it.
Slightly less popular than Firefox with the techies, which earns it second place on this list.

softwareOpera = Very Good Although it can be a little buggy sometimes – they all can be from time to time. – it generally works pretty well. The big draw for this browser is that it is smaller – takes up less space on your Hard Drive (HDD) – and simple, making it ideal for those with older computers, or older versions of Windows, or very small HDDs. Usually quicker to load too.


Google Chrome = Not So Good Although slightly less intrusive than IE the difference is minimal. I will say that most of the popular features/plugins that become popular on Firefox usually show up here later.

Internet Explorer = Very Bad The worst of the worst. The bane of Website developers! For one thing whenever there is a problem viewing a website it browser-icons-10-icons-screenshots-5always shows up on IE first. This comes from being the most popular Browser out there which allows them to be lazy about serving the public (you and I), though they make certain the corporate advertisers get what they want. A veritable playground for Spyware, Malware, Trackers and the like.


Zip Program

softwareWe’ve had problems with 7zip in the past so I am posting this; WinRar

A much better program that gives you more control, and it lets us be on the same page over TeamSpeak.

Website Coding

Want to learn how to code HTML, CSS, JavaScript and j query?  Well recently I stumbled on a site that acts as a reference point for many of the coding tutorial sites that are out there.  Simply click the link >>> <<< and select the grid.  Very good resource.


Team Speak 3 Skins

Okay, so this is a little specific;

WoT TS3 skin 1

WoT TS3 skin v.2.0

And for those of you who need it all; Icons for WOT TS3

Video Capture Software


Overwolf; More than just a program to record battles in World of Tanks, Overwolf also tells you, while in-game, who is talking to you over TeamSpeak 3. Every time someone opens their mike key a little blue notice appears in whatever corner you wish and tells you who it is, even if it is you. Overwolf also let’s you take stills and record videos to publish on YouTube. Works with WoT and WoWP and most video games.

Warning; The software will slow your ping an average of 20, so if you don’t have a “good” connection I wouldn’t mess with it. If your connection is “good” it is a nice feature and it has an extra in-game chat window which can be used for TCs and tournaments.


Our YouTube Channel is set up, so far we have not loaded many videos. It is FriendsInWarChannel. (I will link it in the sidebar when we load enough videos.)

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