Forum Signature Tutorial – Step By Step!

Ever see the guys that have their stats as a signature in the Wargaming Forum?forum signature tutorial

You think; “that looks pretty cool, I wish I could do that…” Then ya think for a minute about doing a search, but you decide it will probably be confusing and it would be more fun to go ahead and play tanks.

Well here is a step by step tutorial that was written by a fellow tanker, Coke_a_Cola . He has kindly consented to me borrowing the screenshots from that post to make this page.

Here we go…

First, go to Type your name in the box, just like in the picture below. (There are other sites that do the same thing, but this is the most popular one.) From here on in the pictures say it all, just follow the red outlines. And thank you Coke_a_Cola!







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