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Basic Mod Pack – well…

For those of you visiting the site, or even this page, for the first time a word of explanation is due. Calling Anfield’s Mod Pack basic is a gross injustice and I mean no disrespect to him. He has, and I am sure will, continue to put his safe and almost bug free Mod Packs out the same day as WoT updates occur, and they are always amazing Packs. And we will continue to feature them here for those who wish to use them, and as always we thank him for his efforts.

A word of caution; Installing this mod pack will slow down your FPS in the game, usually about 20FPS. This comes from your account pinging in-game to get the other player’s stats. If this is a concern for you, then you should probably not use the mod pack.

Okay, this just keeps getting easier, all you have to do is delete your res_mods folder – it’ll be alright – and replace it with the one from the mod pack.

Hit Zone Mod WoT 9.7*

*Anfield’s and Aslain’s Mod Pack now both contain the Hit Zone Mod I am still including it here so that the legend will be here. You can still download it separately if that is all you want to use.

For those that have never used it this Mod is very educational and should be installed at some time in your tanking career. It is also valuable to return to as you gain new tanks so that you can see your own vulnerabilities, or even just as a basic refresher from time to time. So far this Mod has always become inactive with each new WoT update so uninstalling is just a matter of waiting for the next update and it can be installed alone as well.

Note; As far as I can tell this Mod does not effect FPS at all, I would be a little surprised if I were wrong on this point.

Link below is for 8.10, but works fine for 8.11 – just extract it to your “C:GamesWorld_of_Tanksres_mods´┐Ż.8.11”

Download link; http://modbox.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Tank-hit-zones-8.10-wot-mod.rar


Instructions for the unsure: Download this latest revision. When you open up the downloaded zip file you will see a folder named “vehicles”. Extract (or Copy and Paste) into the C://Games/World_of_Tanks/res_mods/8.11 folder, and it is done. Note; The instructions may tell you to put it into an older version numbered folder, ignore this, it is from an earlier update.

Contrary to popular belief Hit Zone Mods do not highlight the weak spots of the tanks. What they highlight are the zones where damage is likely to occur to modules or crew of the enemy tank, and color code it so you will know what can be damaged and where to aim.













No icon for the radioman yet, but…

Red – easy to hit zones

Violet – ammo rack

Green – engine

Blue – fuel tank

Advanced Mod Pack

Aslain’s Mod Pack v4.2.58_9.7

It has been pointed out to the Leadership of FIW2 by one of our newer members, namely Boggman, that those of us who are headed for Clan Wars should be aware that most of our opponents in Clan Wars will be using something closer to this type of Mod Pack. It should also be noted that in these Clans that we will be battling against use of these Mod Packs is mandatory and specific, with everyone on the same page so to speak. This is something we should all consider for a while.

Included in Aslain’s Mod Pack is Melty’s Math Mod and it stands out for it’s value in this Mod Pack.

Aslain’s Mod Pack v4.2.58_9.7

Aslain’s installation is very easy, but very detailed, and depending on the choices you make can take a long time to download and install, but rather than let that discourage us we should look at this as a clear sign that our competitors have something serious here in order for them to make such a thing mandatory.

Fair Warning!!! I do not understand all the choices that the installer will give you. Nor does Boggman. So in this one instance we will all have to figure this out together. Besides, Boggman is a College Student and not a techie, so have mercy and do not swarm him on TS3 please. You can swarm me, as always, but that does not mean I can answer your questions as I normally do. We will all be learning this together.

Finally the G.D. instructions!!! Clicking on the link(s) above or will take you to a page where you will see three items you can download. The top one is the installer for the whole Mod Pack and it is all you need to download. (Psst, the blue one) After downloading open it and start choosing options. Depending on the options chosen a download will occur. Be patient, it will be worth it.

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