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Note; Was feeling like a bad Webmaster “Bad webmaster!  Bad, bad webmaster!” until I went back to the source.  It seems most of what was on this page is now privatized = costs money now.  I even went to Wargaming.net and looked through their videos and found that they had the same problem I did, links to “dead” videos.  Scroll to the bottom of linked page and you will see…



Unfortunately, I did not download and save these videos, which I could have done, so for the moment they are gone forever.  Therefore, I am going to pull the dead videos and will look into finding some new ones when I get an opportunity.  We are having a similar problem on one of the other training pages as well.


Here we will feature valuable training videos, not just for the newer players and recruits, but for the convenience of all our clan members. We recommend checking this page periodically, as we will be attempting to keep it current as newer videos become available, and to refresh yourself on the mechanics and features of the game.

Some Important Basics

First we’ll start with Camo. Nothing is more aggravating than having a tank disappear as you try to line your gun up on it. This video will explain just how to become “Invisi-tank”, then all that is left is for you to decide whether to use your new found power for good or for evil.

Then, we’ll move on to Penetration and how it works. Looking for a place to learn how to angle your tank? This is the starting place for that as well.

Even though it says it is part 1, there is no part 2. Since this has been out for 9 months now I think it is safe to assume that WG has abandoned this project. Either that or it is due any day now and we’ll see a contest to name it.

World Of Tanks: Tank Academy

Privatized – No longer available






Tutorial; Medium Tanks, Part 1

This one is from a player, and it is early as I put this up. If it is no good please let me know and I will remove.

Tutorial; Medium Tanks, Part 2


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