WoWS Training Videos

Note; Was feeling like a bad Webmaster “Bad webmaster!  Bad, bad webmaster!” until I went back to the source.  It seems most of what was on this page is now privatized = costs money now.  I even went to and looked through their videos and found that they had the same problem I did, links to “dead” videos.  Scroll to the bottom of linked page and you will see…

wows training videos

Unfortunately, I did not download and save these videos, which I could have done, so for the moment they are gone forever.  Therefore, I am going to pull the dead videos and will look into finding some new ones when I get an opportunity.  We are having a similar problem on one of the other training pages as well.



Naval Academy: Destroyers


Finally, and I say that still hoping that Subs will be added at some point in the future, we move on to the Aircraft Carrier.

Naval Academy: Aircraft Carriers

With Aircraft Carriers come Aircraft. A whole new nest of problems.

Naval Academy: Aircraft Types

Now we have to control the Aircraft. Will it ever end? Oh, this is the last video, but we’ll keep one eye open for more.

Naval Academy: Aircraft Control

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